Wimbledon Schedule for the Championships starting in July.

Days 1-7

Monday / Tuesday Gentlemen's & Ladies' Singles

Gentlemen's & Ladies' Doubles

Thursday Mixed Doubles

Saturday Boys' and Girls' Singles

Days 8-13

Tuesday Ladies Singles QF Centre & No.1 Court

Boys' & Girls' Doubles

Veterans' Invitation Doubles

Wednesday Gentlemen's Singles QF Centre & No.1 Court

Thursday Ladies' Singles SF Centre Court

Championship Doubles SF Centre & No.1 Court

Friday Gentlemen's Singles SFCentre Court

Championship Doubles SF Centre & No.1 Court

Wheelchair Doubles SF Court tbc

Saturday Ladies' Singles Final Centre Court

Gentlemen's Doubles Final Centre Court

Ladies' Doubles Final Centre Court

Sunday Gentlemen's Singles Final Centre Court

Mixed Doubles Final Centre Court

Wheelchair Doubles Finals Court tbc

On the last 3 days of The Championships on No.1 Court there will be a full programme of play; it will comprise Juniors’ and Veterans’ matches, with the possibility of Championship Doubles semi-finals.

Order of Play

The matches for each day are prepared in draft the previous evening by the Referee and submitted by him to the Order of Play committee for approval or amendment.

Changes to the Order of Play

The matches are scheduled to be played on the courts and days published. However, occasionally it is necessary to switch a match from one court to another, this can be for a number of reasons. For example:

•The aim is to complete The Championships on time and this involves playing 660 matches, in the 14 events, over the 13 days of the tournament.

•Some players remain involved in several events towards the end of The Championships and it may be necessary to move a match to avoid a clash.

•The tournament aims to give similar rest periods between matches for players due to play each other.

•A match which is unlikely to finish because of a late start caused by the duration of previous matches may be postponed to the following day. In this event another match may be substituted.

The Grounds will open at 10:30am each day.

•On Courts 2-19 play is provisionally scheduled to start at 12.00 midday for at least the first eight days and at 11.00am for Junior matches on the middle Saturday and during the second week.

•On Centre Court play will start at 1.00pm except on the final two days when play will start at 2.00pm.

•On No.1 Court play will start at 1.00pm on all thirteen days.

•Please check the daily order of play. In the first week the early rounds of the Gentlemen's, Ladies' and Mixed Doubles will be played on all courts, with top seeds' matches played on the Show Courts.

On the middle Saturday the Juniors' events commence and will be played on the outside courts as well as on some of the Show Courts.

Non-Ticket Holders cannot be admitted after 8.00pm, therefore please allow time for the security checks.